2014 Outdoor Registration Information

To download a copy of our registration form you may click on either of the attachments found at the bottom of this post. One provides a fillable form that you can complete electronically in Microsoft Word, and the other is linked to a version that is more suitable for printing off and filling in by hand.


Please notice the changes that are indicated in the form. For example, we have started all of our Men’s/Women’s/Masters/Classics divisions at Division 1 now instead of Division 2, so please adjust your division selection accordingly. Also notice that the team fees have gone down. This is because we extracted a $40.00 per player charge that will now need to be paid by each individual player before they may appear on a roster. This fee will be paid while the player is registering online on our new site, and further instruction regarding this process will be emailed out to the Team Contact AFTER final alignment is released. However, at any time,do feel free to contact the office with general inquiries regarding this and/or any other items pertaining to the Outdoor season.


As mentioned above, SAS is going to be moving to a new website and there is reference to this new website within the registration forms linked below. This website will provide a lot of new functionality and will greatly change the experience of running a team in our leagues so please pay close attention to all email communication surrounding the upcoming Outdoor Season especially.


Below are the Team Registration Forms:


2014 Outdoor Application Fillable Form

2014 Outdoor Application Manual Form


The new website can be found at the following address:



New SAS Tournament Name

Saskatoon Adult Soccer is excited to announce the winner of the “Turf Tournament Naming Contest”.  The winning entry will now be the name of the new annual quarter-field turf tournament that will be taking place in January for this year and many to come.  The SAS Tournament Committee was pleased to have received so many clever and catchy entries, however only one name could be chosen. After careful deliberation SAS has selected the following name as the big winner:

“January Chills Turf Tournament”


Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest, and to all those who have entered a team into the first annual January Chills Turf Tournament! See you soon!